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      Upgrade your makeup game with airbrush makeup using the Airsto Air Brush Gun From C2P Pro that gives you the most flawless finish. Airbrush to perfection with this dual-action gravity feed gun with a push and pull the trigger for greater precision and control. Featuring advanced fusion technology, this advanced air gun combines air and makeup seamlessly to create the finest blend and a smooth airflow to achieve detailed precision. Compact and ergonomically designed, it's easy to hold and operate for the duration of the entire makeup. Durable and long life, it’s one amazing tool for artists and professionals.
      Why you’ll love it?
      Flawless airbrush finish
      Superior coverage and impeccable finish.
      Smooth Airflow
      For high-quality dispersion.
      Fine precision and control
      Push and pull trigger detailed working.
      Ergonomically designed
      Easy to hold and operate for a long period of time.
      How to use?
      1. Connect your airgun to the compressor via the hose. Add the airbrush product to the top feed and close.
      2. Now hold the gun much like you would hold a pen with your index finger on top of the trigger.
      3. Keep the gun at a distance of about 4-6 inches from the face or body part, ready to spray.
      4. With a gentle pushing down of the trigger, release air first. Then pull back simultaneously pushing down the trigger to release the makeup. Make sure to keep the trigger pushed down at all times so that air is on at all times during the makeup.
      4. Using small round circular motions, spray evenly over the skin surface.
      Airbrush to perfection!
      1. Is it suitable for all kinds of airbrush makeup?
      - Yes, the dual-action air gun is suitable for all kinds of airbrush makeups, light to intense for the face and well as other body parts.
      2. How much product to load?
      - If you are using a foundation, add 4-6 drops of the airbrush foundation. For blush, highlighter or colors, add 3-4 drops of the product to start with.
      3. How to adjust the pressure of air in this air gun?
      - You can adjust the pressure by adjusting the pressure dial on the compressor.
      4. How to clean the airgun?
      - Flush the airgun to remove the product. Add a few drops of cleaning solution to the feeder and swirl the solution around the cup with the help of a cotton swab or a small brush. Spray it into a tissue or cloth pad to empty and clean the airgun.