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      Add depth and dimension to your eye makeup and make it pop with the help of the Angled Blend Brush 08 from C2P Pro. It has an angled edge that works easily along the socket line to add contrast/depth and contour the edges of the eyes precisely for those glamorous gazelle eyes. Its firm bristles pack eyeshadow pigments in tricky areas such as the corners of the eye and blend/smudge them smoothly. Designed for professional use, its handle allows greater precision and control during application and ease of use. It’s simply perfect for all the detailed work in your eye makeup from contouring to cut-crease for professional level eye makeup.

      Why you’ll love it?
      High-quality brush
      Made for professional use.
      Perfectly blended eyeshadow
      Packs and blends eyeshadows seamlessly.
      A Precise cut-crease
      Ideal for creating cut-crease looks.
      How to use?
      1. Swipe the angled edge of the brush over the eyeshadow to pick pigments. Tap on the handle gently to get rid of the excess.
      2. Swipe it along your natural crease in the eye socket between your eye and the eyebrow. Keep swiping and blending to diffuse the color and smudge any harsh lines.
      3. Apply in the outer corners of your eyes in a ‘<’ or ‘>’ shape and smudge it and blend with the eyeshadow color of the lid areas.
      Blend away your eyeshadows for glam eyes
      1. Is it a soft blending brush or a dense eyeshadow brush?
      - This is a medium-sized dense eyeshadow brush with an angled edge to help you pack eyeshadow pigments in place and smudge them slightly. It is not the same as the fluffy Shadow Blending Brush 09 that's used for the purpose of buffing and blending eyeshadows.
      2. How to create a cut crease with this brush?
      - Swipe the eyeshadow slightly above your natural crease line, smudging it slightly to avoid a harsh line. Taking the Concealer Brush 16, apply concealer cutting a neat crease from the inner corner of your eye to the middle of your eye for a half-cut crease, or all the way to the end winging it out for a full cut-crease. Then apply your choice of eyeshadow over the concealer using the Angled Blend Brush 08, neatly packing it in place.

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