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      Cover and conceal all the makeup woes – pigmentation, pimples, blemishes with the Basic Concealer Kit from C2P Pro. This 8-shades-in-one palette makes concealing super easy. Designed to serve personal as well as professional vanities, this single palette containing 8 base shades allows you to find the most suitable shade to cover and conceal different kinds of blemishes or mix two or more shades to create the perfect match for the skin complexion. Its creamy texture blends well with the makeup and offers medium to full coverage on acne, scars, skin texture or discoloration, etc. The castor oil-rich formula does not dry or cake is suitable for all skin types and gives you a flawless finish even on naked skin.

        Why you’ll love it?
        8 Shades in one palette
        One to match every skin tone.
        Covers and conceals like a pro
        Gives complete coverage of dark spots, blemishes, discolorations, etc.
        Builds a flawless base
        Creme texture blends well to create a smooth finish.
        Enriched with Castor Oil
        Suitable for all skin types, works wonders for dry skin.
        How to use?
        1. Find the shade most compatible with the skin tone or mix two shades to create a match for the complexion on a mixing tray.
        2. Apply it over the desired area covering entirely, and using the CONCEALER BRUSH 16 or a beauty blender, blend it nicely for a smooth finish.
        3. Let it dry and then proceed with the other steps of your makeup.
        Make concealing easy with Basic Concealer Kit
        1. Cannot find my skin shade/ client’s skin tone among the shades on the palette. What should I do?
        - You can mix two shades from this palette to create a matching shade for the complexion. Use a mixing tray for the purpose of mixing them well.
        2. Can it be used in place of a green concealer used to cancel out acne scars and red pimples?
        - Yes, the product gives medium to full coverage upon application and can easily cover acne and pimples that have red tones. You wouldn't need to use a green concealer for the purpose.
        3. Can this be used as an eyeshadow base?
        - Yes. The product is designed to cover and conceal any kind of discoloration and blemishes on any part of the face. You can use it to cover discolorations/darkening around the eye area, under the eye as well as on the eyelid, and create a smooth base for eyeshadow application. Do set it with the C2P HD TRANSLUCENT POWDER to prevent fine lines and creasing. You can alternatively use the C2P EYESHADOW BASE to create a flawless eyeshadow base.


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