Duraone Mixing Solution

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Duraone Mixing Solution

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Revitalize Your Makeup Collection with C2P Pro Duraone

VERSATILE SOLUTION: C2P Pro Duraone is your go-to 20ml liquid miracle for fixing broken makeup, rejuvenating dry gel eyeliner and mascara, and activating matte pigments.

LONG LASTING FINISH: Enhance the longevity and achieve a flawless matte finish by mixing Duraone with your powder or cream products, creating a smooth, even texture.

EASY TO USE: Simply add a few drops of C2P Pro Duraone to any powder or cream formula and mix until fully incorporated for optimal results.

MULTIPLE APPLICATIONS: From repairing cracked compacts and eyeliners to transforming matte eyeshadows, C2P Pro Duraone covers all your makeup needs.

PORTABLE SIZE: This 20ml bottle is compact enough to fit in any makeup bag or train case, making it perfect for on-the-go touch-ups, an essential for any makeup artist or enthusiast.

Makeup often dries out due to exposure to air, moisture, and other products, but with C2P Pro Duraone Mixing Solution, you can easily revive your makeup. Just a couple of drops of this powerful solution will bring your products back to life without diluting them, ensuring consistency and quality. This serum-like formulation not only rejuvenates any liquid or powder product but also makes them transfer-proof and waterproof. Always keep your makeup savior handy and make sure not a drop of your makeup goes to waste with C2P Pro Duraone!


Trimethylsioxsilicate: This is a type of silicone that helps makeup adhere to your skin better and stay in place longer. It creates a smooth, even finish.

Isododecane: This is a solvent that helps other ingredients in the makeup blend together smoothly. It also gives the makeup a lightweight feel and helps it dry quickly after application.

Dimethicone: Another type of silicone, dimethicone helps create a soft, smooth texture in makeup products. It also forms a protective barrier on the skin, helping to lock in moisture and keep out dirt and other impurities.

Methylchloroisothiazolinone and Methylisothiazolinone: These are preservatives that help prevent bacteria and mold from growing in the makeup. This ensures that the product remains safe to use for a longer period of time.

HOW TO use

1. Bring your makeup products back to life with Duraone Mixing Solution's simple and straightforward application.

2. Extend the life of your beauty essentials effortlessly.

Duraone Mixing Solution
Duraone Mixing Solution
Duraone Mixing Solution
Duraone Mixing Solution
Duraone Mixing Solution
Duraone Mixing Solution
Duraone Mixing Solution


MUA'S Bestfriend


DIY Eyeliners

Make your own colorful eyeliners by mixing a drop of Duraone into your eyeshadow till there are no lumps and you achieve the desired consistency.

Revive Your Makeup

Revive your dried products like gel liners, mascara, and liquid lipsticks by mixing a drop of Duraone Mixing solution in the dried product. It doesn't dilute the product and maintains product consistency and quality.

Fix Broken Makeup 

If you want to fix your broken powder products like eyeshadow, compacts, blushes, etc just put a few drops of Duraone Mixing Solution into the broken product, mix well with a spatula patting it flat, and leave it to dry for some time. 

Suitable For All Makeup 

It works as a great mixing medium for all product formulations whether powder, liquid, or cream without hampering the product quality.


  • Revives Dried Products

  • Fix Broken Products

  • Multi Use

  • Mixing Medium

  • Mix 2-3 drops with eye shadow in the pan itself to revive. To use eyeshadow as eyeliner or enhance pigment pick-up, scrape a little eyeshadow and mix with 1 drop of Duraone in a mixing plate to get a smooth gliding consistency.

Customer Reviews

Based on 111 reviews
Karan gogna
Super useful

This C2P mixing solution is a very useful product for anyone who uses makeup. This can be added to dried up products like mascara or a gel liner and extend their life.
This can also be added to powder based eyeshadows to increase their intensity. The uses of this product are really endless. I cannot recommend this enough!

Sathya M
Very useful

This mixing liquid is saviour for all our dried makeup products, a little mixing liquid works great for dried eyeliner,so worth it.

Prachi chauhan
Just mix it and see the magic

I love the product, this solution really helps me in my makeup

Tanisha Gupta
useful product

very useful product. i had a lot of dry eyeliners and mascara and now the issue is solved. i can now use my old makeup products again. highly recommend this product.

Madhu jain

This is one of the best thing I've ever used. Mere sare makeup me nai jaan dal di isne. Just 1 drop of it is enough to rejuvenate my all makeup products it really have an amazing formula.