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      Only if our mascara never dried and our foundation never died! Makeup products often dry out due to contact with air, moisture and other products. But you have nothing to worry about as the C2P Pro Duraone Mixing Solution is here to save the day. Let not a drop of your makeup go waste and bring it back to life with the Duraone solution. Just a couple of drops of this magical solution and voila – your makeup is revived and ready to use. Its excellent serum-like formulation instantly revives any product – liquid or powder, without diluting it and maintains the product consistency and optimum quality. Not only does it give makeup a new life but makes any product transfer-proof and waterproof. As long as there is a product in the bottle, Duraone will bring you the best from it. So, always keep your makeup savior handy!

      Why you’ll love it?
      Revives makeup instantly
      Gives new life to makeup
      Doesn’t Dilute
      Maintains product consistency and quality
      Makes it last longer
      Revives dried out products
      Suitable for all makeup
      Works for both liquids and powder based products
      One stop solution to makeup woes
      3 drops and that’s it!
      Handy and easy to use
      Handy bottle that always saves the day!
      Turns eyeshadow into eyeliner
      Lets glide a defined line and help it stay
      How to use?
      1. Put three drops of the Duraone Mixing solution in any dried out product.
      2. Mix it with the help of a C2P PRO MERGING BRUSH 29 or give it a good shake.
      3. Use as usual.
      Bring it back to life and make it last!
      1. Can the Duraone be used with compacts, concealers and powder blushes?
      - Yes, it can be used to fix broken or dried out powder products and give them a creamy texture. Works excellently to blend with cream concealers and cream compacts.
      2. What are the other products it can be used with?
      - Duraone Mixing solution can be used with a number of products– liquid, creamy, dry as well as gel-based such as broken powder blush, dry compact, cream concealers, foundations, eyeshadows, eyeliners, lipsticks, brow gel and gel eyeliners. It can also be used with foundations to make application smooth and easy, and with matte foundations to add a subtle glow to it.
      3. How to use Duraone with eyeliners, mascaras and eyeshadows?
      - Mix 1-2 drops in liquid eyeliners and mascaras to revive and make application smooth.
      Mix 2-3 drops with eye shadow in the pan itself to revive. To use eyeshadow as eyeliner or enhance pigment pick-up, scrape a little eyeshadow and mix with 1 drop of Duraone in a mixing plate to get a smooth gliding consistency, then apply with the help of a brush.