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    GLITTER GLUE (3 Plus 1)

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      Nothing like the shimmery shine of loose glitter on your eyes! Achieve the glamorous effect hassle-free with the C2P Pro Glitter Glue that works on loose glitter and eyeshadows. The clear glue holds the glitter particles in place, quickly drying to settle them completely without changing the color or dulling the effect of the glitter, at all. Its superior grip keeps them in place for long hours with minimum fallout or smudges. Ideal for loose glitters and embellishments, it can also be used for face tattoos or anywhere else on the body. Made with a non-toxic adhesive that is suitable for skin application, it won’t harm or irritate your skin. Get the max sparkle and shimmer with this easy-to-carry glitter glue.

        Why you’ll love it?
        Quick-dry and easy to use
        Dries quickly for a hassle free use with glitters.
        Clear glue for max shine
        Clear glue dried to let the glitter shine flawlessly.
        Safe on skin
        Non-toxic and safe for use on skin.
        How to use?
        1. Take a small amount of glue and spread a thin layer all over your eyelid or desired areas with the help of a brush.
        2. Dab the C2P PRO FLAT HEAD BRUSH SMALL 14 into your C2P PRO UPTOWN LOOSE GLITTERS and apply it over the glue.
        3. Dab gently to settle the glitter completely.
        4. Dust off the excess with the help of C2P PRO FAN BRUSH MINI 20
        Get the glittery glam together and shine on
        1. Can it stick studs and rhinestones in makeup?
        - Yes, the Glitter Glue works for embellished makeup as well and can be used for pasting studs and rhinestones, etc too.
        2. Is it safe for use on sensitive skin?
        - We have not heard of any issues or complaints with use pertaining to sensitive skin in particular. However, if the product irritates your skin, you should remove and clean the area immediately and consult a specialist in case of any adverse effects.
        3. How to remove the glue?
        - The glue can be easily removed with the help of our C2P PRO ULTRA HD DUAL PHASE EYE & LIP MAKEUP REMOVER. Just take out the remover solution on a cotton pad and dab it over the areas to dissolve and remove makeup and glue.


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