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C2P Pro Derma Base Palette add this in your makeup right now

Whether you want to get rid of dark spots or discoloration of the skin, applying Derma Base Palette can help you have a stunning face throughout the day. Isn't it interesting? Let's find out more!

Dark spots usually increase with the high deposition of pigment and heavy exposure to UV rays. Besides, some more reasons can cause high pigmentation, such as acne, changes in hormones, and inflammation. 

Since many products claim to correct your skin color and provide the best skin forever, but most of the time, we find products as a scam. So why should we waste our time and money searching those products that may not work?

It's time to look at Derma Base Palette! This promises to give flawless skin in just a few minutes.

C2P Pro Derma Base Palette

What is C2P Pro Derma Base Palette?

Derma Base Palette is an outstanding product offered by C2P Pro. It is specially designed for makeup experts and non-professionals who would like to remove face pigmentations like acne, dark spots, and the face's discoloration.

This palette holds a great color combination of highly pigmented shades and easily blends with face texture and tone. The best thing about this palette is it offers a smooth base that gives full-face coverage from face to neck. Moreover, the palette does not cause cakiness and wrinkles over the face and stays for long.

So, do you like it? Yes!

But we know you are not still convinced whether you should use this or not. Here we are sharing some more facts that assure you are adding the right makeup product.

C2P Pro Derma Base Palette

The Pros of Using C2P Pro Derma Base Palette 

  • It includes 12 shades
  • It is 3 plus one palette
  • It can be used as cosmetic camouflage
  • It can be used as body camouflage
  • It gives long-lasting power
  • Includes different varieties of shaded for different skin color and tone
  • Highly pigmented and matte shades
  • It can be used as a foundation, concealer, and tattoo hider.

Reasons to choose Derma Base Palette

After seeing its pros, you get an idea of why you must invest in it. Here, we are sharing more reasons why everyone, including professional makeup artists, love it

  • It includes 12 shades that can be fit for any Indian skin tone. Hence, it doesn't matter how pigmented your skin is, how many dark spots you have, etc. These color correctors easily blend with your skin tone and reduce color or skin abnormalities.
  • If you have discoloration over the face or any other body part like legs, arms, hands, etc., you can naturally get rid of the discoloration effect with this derma palette. This is mostly used in both the TV and film industry to smooth out the skin of actors.
  • As a professional makeup artist, you need a product that stays longer, which is why we love it. The combination in this product enables the application to stay longer without causing creasing and wrinkles on the face.
  • This is also a waterproof product that would help in keeping your skin free from any stress. You just put this on all day long without any stress.
  • This is right now in stock with 12 beautiful shades that give the perfect base of makeup and provide skin corrector, and you will feel confident after putting this on.

How to use Derma Base Palette Metal for a professional look?

C2P Pro Derma Base Palette

  • Choose the shade that will be best for your skin. With the help of a brush, apply it on your face or on the errors you want to hide.
  • For a smooth finish, you can mix a moisturizer in the same shade.
  • You can use your fingers, or a makeup blender to get this done.
  • You can use more shades to highlight your features for an enhanced look.
  • Once you have applied all the shades at the required spots, use a puff of powder or brush to remove extras from the face to achieve the natural look.
  • Make sure to use the best powder that allows your skin to have extra shine and glow instead of cakiness.
  • Once you are set with the base, you can spray the makeup fixer for a smooth look.
  • Using a makeup fixer is essential than using hands or fingers.

Some Beauty Tips to Get Most Out of the Base

C2P Pro Derma Base Palette


  • For perfect skin, make sure to start from the top and then take it downwards.
  • Avoid using a brush and makeup blender; fingers can give magical results. Make sure not to press too hard. Just go smoothly.
  • For the super finish, just blend and blend until it does not give you the best results.
  • Make sure to choose the shade that fits your skin tone.

The Bottom Line

By evaluating the product details and some makeup expert's advice on using Derma Base palette (metal), we found this product legit and super effective. If you are looking for an effective base that fits your skin complexion and hides all your blemishes, don't miss buying it. Good Luck!


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