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5 Beauty Secrets From Professional Makeup Artists

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Applying makeup with the right strategy is not less than art. Makeup needs proper understanding, extensive practice and a considerable amount of skills. That's why we all prefer makeup professionals or artists for formal occasions as they are blessed with magical makeup skills.

Makeup cosmetics enhance your beauty appearances and makes you confident. It increases the positive attitude in our personality that we all need when we are heading out. 

Makeup can easily change the entire look by adding a bit of extra fun element to make it look dynamic in style but applying makeup individually on your face may not bring the best results. However, makeup professionals are dedicated to their profession and art. 

Well, here we put our investigation cap to reveal the secret techniques and methods applied by artists to achieve an incredibly flawless and glowy look. So, without any further delay, let us share 5 game-changing makeup secrets used by experts that can add a crispy and fun element to your makeup.

5 beauty secrets makeup artist swear by  

Damp beauty blenders

5 beauty secrets from professional makeup artists

Beauty blenders are the real unbeatable thing that easily bounces on the skin’s surface and provides a flawless natural base when it comes to applying foundation and concealer. It effectively presses the foundation onto the skin without leaving steaky lines. 

Beauty blenders provide even application and make it foolproof to blend makeup seamlessly. The surface of the beauty blenders remains smoother and softer, which gives better application than brush and fingertips. 

Professionals use damp beauty blenders to apply the setting powder to ensure your makeup is set and locked while baking. It dusts off extra translucent powder to avoid a powdery appearance. 

Conceal your flaws with a color corrector

5 beauty secrets from professional makeup artists

Color corrector effectively covers flaws, and it is the perfect beauty product that reacts opposite in the color spectrum. It cancels out skin discoloration and targets main problems like under-eye circles, dullness, dark spots, redness, bruises, etc.

Most professionals recommend a color corrector to achieve smoothness and neutralize the skin. Different shades of color correctors are available to solve different problems. For example, orange or peach color corrector cancels dark circles for dark skin tones, the pink color corrector counteracts discoloration and brightens for light skin tones, the green color corrector neutralizes redness, yellow color corrector cancels blue, and purples tones neutralizes yellow tone.

Next time don't forget to add color corrections to your makeup routine and say goodbye to all your flaws.

Choosing the right lipstick

5 beauty secrets from professional makeup artists

Lipstick is the first thing that hits our mind while applying makeup. It is quite a complicated task to find the right lipstick shade which suits and matches your skin tone. Most makeup experts recommend that people can find their right shade by checking the color of the lower lips.

The skin tone plays an important role as it decides which shade is suitable. Some professionals recommend using two shades darker than natural lips or using similar color lipstick that matches your upper lips. 

People with fair and light skin tone can use coral, nudes, peach, light pink, and beige colored lipsticks. People with deep completion can try brown, wine, caramel, walnut, plum, and purple colored lipsticks. People with neutral skin tone can experiment with their looks. 

Now you know your go-to colors and how to find the perfect lipstick shade.

Define the shape of eyebrows 

5 beauty secrets from professional makeup products

Deciding the shape and size of the eyebrows is a must before removing unwanted hair on eyebrows. Professionals always believe that eyebrows can easily make or break your entire look. It defines your entire facial beauty and appearance. 

Makeup artists suggest using an angular brush to give a sharp and defined look to the eyebrows. Don't fill your eyebrows with the wrong shade. Use a shade that is similar or matches with your natural color of the eyebrows. 

Don't go wild with the eyebrows and avoid shapes like overly straight or overly arched. Balance the look of the eyebrows according to your face shape. For example:

  • ​People with a square shaped face can go with a soft, smooth arch.
  • Ones with a round shape face can maintain eyebrows that are neither too thick nor too thin.
  • With an oval shape, people can balance their look with thick arch eyebrows.
  • Long face people can shape their eyebrows with a slight arch.

Change your eyebrows’ shape and fill with the right color to achieve a beautiful sharp appearance.

Eyeliners based on shape of the eye

5 beauty secrets from professional makeup artists

There is no doubt that an eyeliner can make a big difference, and it defines your eye beautifully. It enhances your eye area, which is considered the most beautiful feature of the human face, but certain techniques or little change can add a unique dimension that compliments your eyes.

  • ​Upturned eyes 

Apply thin eyeliner with a small wing.

  • Downturned eyes 

Apply a thin liner in the inner corner and make the outer corner thicker with the wing.

  • Almond eyes 

Apply thick upwards and outwards winged liner.

  • Monolid eyes 

Apply thick eyeliner with the bold wing.

  • Round Eyes

Create a triangle shape winged liner.

  • ​Hooded eyes 

Apply thin eyeliner from the tear duct area and end with a small thicker wing.

Follow these above mentioned eyeliner tips; you can see the difference in your eyes. Eyes with perfect eyeliner can easily grab the attention among a huge crowd.

Here are 5 easy beauty secrets used by makeup professionals that give additional swing to our boring makeup. Makeup makes us look beautiful and confident, and there is no rule while applying makeup. 

You can style yourself the way you like. Who knows, it might become a trend!

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