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The Beauty Basics

For makeup newbies, a bundle or a pile of cosmetic products can be messy and difficult to handle. Whether you are an experienced makeup artist or just a beginner at this art, the right makeup essentials allow you to create a go-to everyday look. 

Acquiring the makeup basics helps you to create a playful or trendy look as per your requirement. You don't need a professional kit, just add some basic products to your everyday makeup routine. Heavy makeup gives a spooky look if you are doing that on a daily basis, and nobody wants to go through this, thus we will guide on the basics you need for a girl next door look. 

Daily wear makeup instantly makes you look glowing and radiating, and it is super easy to apply, However, it is a little difficult to identify what type of products should be included in the makeup kit. Here, we are to guide you about ultimate makeup essentials for beginners or for those who have experience under their belts.

The Basic Makeup Essentials

​Face primer

the beauty basics

Face primer is an essential product, but most people think that it is an unnecessary step in the makeup routine. However, primer acts as an extension of your skincare. The main purpose of a face primer is to make your skin look smoother, which helps in even makeup application.  

Apply a small amount of primer after moisturizing your face. You can choose a primer according to your skin type, whether you’re looking for a formula to smooth out uneven texture or to control oil and/or acne, primer is what you need.

Talking about the ageing concerns, a face primer preps your skin, smooths fine lines, and makes pores appear smaller as well. Clearly, it makes your makeup look fresh and vibrant all day long. 

​Concealer and color corrector

The beauty basics

Concealer is a color corrector, and its purpose is to counteract discoloration such as pigmentation, blemishes, and redness. It is used to mask the dark circles under the eye area, and the pigmentation around the lips while concealing the ageing spots, and fine lines.

The consistency of the concealer is generally thicker than the foundation. It comes in full-coverage and sheerer-coverage formulations. You can choose the concealer according to your concern and coverage needs.

Just one concealer might not give a solution to all your problems. Here is a list that can help you to find the right color corrector:

  • The green color corrector neutralizes redness. It is perfect for hiding acne, pimples, and scars.
  • The yellow color corrector cancels purple, blue tones, and mild redness. It covers up under-eye circles, bruises, and veins.
  • The purple color corrector neutralized dull yellow undertones on light for medium skin tone.
  • The pink color corrector brightens dullness and counteracts discoloration for light skin tone.
  • The orange color corrector cancels dark circles and brown spots for medium to deep skin tones.

Now you know why a concealer should be used and which shade is the best for you!


The Beauty Basics

Finding the right color foundation which matches your skin type and undertone is probably the most challenging part of makeup. If you are not sure what skin shade or type is right for you, it is highly recommended to visit a beauty store or check online. 

When you manage to find the right shade which matches your complexion and fits your coverage needs, then you can consider that you successfully cleared the main stage to achieve flawless makeup.

Foundation acts as a second skin, which even out the skin tone and gives a fresher and radiant look. You can for a low, medium or high coverage foundation as per your needs.


The beauty basics

Putting on blush can make a huge difference in your overall look. It is necessary if you’re wearing a foundation as blush adds a fresh and radiant touch to a tired and pale looking face. That's why it is included in the basic makeup essentials product list.

The blusher comes in cream, gel, and powder formation. Try to pick something that can match your natural flush. You can pick among pink, brown and peach shades as per the event you are attending. 

Do not miss out on this magic spell as blushers highlight the best features of your face and emphasize your cheekbones.

​Lip gloss or lipstick

the beauty basics

There is no doubt that lipsticks can change your entire look. Lipstick draws attention to the lips and highlights them. Choose your favorite lipgloss or lipstick as per the matte, creamy and metallic formations. You can also pick amongst a bullet or liquid formula, but do not forget it is important to apply the lipstick in the right manner. 

People with yellow tones can stick to warmer colors, and people with a pink undertone can go for more bright shades.

Remember to apply the lipstick or lip gloss after exfoliating your lips. Lipsticks define your lips, brighten your smile, and boost your confidence level.

These 5 basic makeup essentials are a great way to get you started with the day. They are extremely easy to apply on a daily basis. As makeup increases self-love, it is important to invest in the right beauty products. 

So, what are you waiting for? Add all the basic items to your makeup kit now.

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