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My No-Makeup Beauty Look

My No-Makeup Beauty Look

Ensembles are incomplete without a flawless no-makeup beauty look and we all admit that, but it makes us wonder what magical techniques they follow to achieve naturally-looking dewy skin on the screen. 

You can showcase your natural beauty by highlighting your facial features with the help of the right makeup techniques and quality beauty products. The best part is you don't need pro skills to achieve this look. No-makeup makeup look saves your time and looks like you are wearing nothing on your face.

This makeup look is very popular and trendy because of some prominent reasons:

  • It is super easy to apply and looks flattering on everyone. 
  • There are no fixed rules for makeup; it’s totally up to you how you want to recreate your makeup look
  • The techniques and application are simple and effortless. 

So, here we are going to master you in a no-makeup or nude makeup look. Keep reading all the details to get makeup techniques step by step to ace the no-makeup look. 

Let's get started!

Steps to nail the no-makeup makeup look

Step 1: Moisturize, Moisturize, Moisturize

My no makeup beauty look

The key to flawless-looking makeup is to have good skin underneath as a base. Prepping your skin and making it hydrating and happy is not only good for makeup, but it also comes with lots of skin benefits like preventing dryness, slowing the signs of ageing, fighting acne, soothe sensitive skin, etc. 

Moisturizer soothes the skin surface and provides an even base for the better application of foundation and concealer. It makes makeup last long throughout the day and saves your foundation from creasing. Natural healthy glowy skin adds positive elements to a natural look.

Step 2: Perfect with primer

my no makeup beauty look

Primer has a lightweight consistency and is a preparatory product that creates a flawless, smooth base for the better application of the products. It covers unevenness and provides velvety soft skin. Primer makes your skin appear youthful and fresh by reducing the appreciation of fine lines and wrinkles.

The main idea of the primer is to keep the makeup in place and make it last longer. It is a fuss-free product that suits all skin types and tones. It is also known as a secret weapon that effectively brightens and mattifies the entire look. 

Step 3: Foundation mapping

My no makeup beauty look

The real and basic motive of a no-makeup look is to maintain a natural and glowing skin tone, which you can get by using the BB cream or lighter foundation shade for sheer coverage. To even out the skin tone, apply a small amount of product with the help of beauty blender and dab it in the circular, clockwise motion instead of using a brush and finger for a dewy look.

Foundation seamlessly blends and covers minor flaws like blemishes, redness, blotchiness, and pigmented areas in a subtle way. 


Step 4: Conceal as needed 

My no makeup beauty look

Foundation can not cover all the flaws. Thus, it is advised to use a concealer for extra coverage to disguise dark spots, dark circles, pigmentation, etc. It freshens the tired-looking face and emphasizes beauty features.

Overloaded concealers can ruin your entire look. That's why it is important to blend thoroughly and make it match your natural skin tone. If you think there is no prominent imperfection or spot where you can use a concealer, skip the step. 

Step 5: Fill your eyebrows

My No makeup beauty look

Perfectly shaped and clean eyebrows can easily make a big difference to your overall look. It enhances the colour and gives an extra detailed definition to your eyes.

Don't forget to remove unwanted hair before filling your eyebrows, and filling eyebrows with the wrong colour is a big no-no! Comb your eyebrows with a spoolie brush, apply a small amount of the product with lighter hands in hair-like strokes. You can use mascara or eyeshadow to fill your eyebrows as they visually balance the entire look.


Step 6: Blusher 

My No Makeup Beauty Look

Blusher is an essential product when it comes to a no-makeup look. It fills for completion and gives a dewy look. Blusher is a time saver as it can be used as eyeshadow, contour (brown shade of blush), and on lipstick to add a matte finish.

Pairing up your blusher and eyeshadow can bring your makeup look together. It brightens and adds depth to tired or pale skin. For a no-makeup beauty look, prefer to use neutral shades.

Step 7: Highlighter

My No Makeup Beauty Look

Highlighter adds a healthy glow to the skin, which draws attention towards your receded facial features. It makes you look younger and vibrant. Apply the highlighter on the tip of your nose, cheekbones, cupid’s bow, the forehead and around the temple areas.

The right application of highlighter creates such dimensions that help you to achieve a radiant no-makeup glowy look.


Step 8: Lipstick 

My No Makeup Beauty Look

There is no doubt that lipstick is a “go-to” makeup product. It plays a very important role in the makeup regimen. A lipstick can instantly change the entire vibe of the makeup and bind the whole look together. 

Finish your look with a nude shade of lipstick or similar shade that matches your lip colour to maintain a no-makeup beauty look. You can use less intense coloured lip balm or transparent gloss instead of lipstick. It brightens your smile and completes the look with a detailed definition of lips.

There you go! Now you don't need to search on YouTube for hours and learn from beauty gurus to achieve a flawless no-makeup look. Follow these recommended steps and you are ready to shine with this look, whether it is a runway or a business meeting.

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