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10 Easy Ways to Make Your Makeup Last Long

Busy planning the entire activities for the day early in the morning? While you are ready to kickstart your day with a classy outfit and adorning yourself with a beautiful makeup routine to reveal your sassy side, do you tend to worry about your makeup which gets smudged by the end of the day? 

Result: You look like a ghost! It can be quite irritating and frustrating for you to perform midday touch-ups when you are juggling between the household chores and a difficult work schedule.

Even if you are getting ready to attend the late-night parties or grand weddings, your major concern with makeup, to make it look well-settled and even by the end of the night is a real problem. You wouldn’t want to worry yourself with contrast touch-ups while you are enjoying dancing or eating with your friends and family, right?

So, here are some of the reasons why your makeup doesn’t last long:

  •  Constantly Touching your Face

           How to make your makeup last long

If you are in the constant habit of touching your face after applying makeup, it not only leads to the melting down of your makeup but also spread germs and bacteria on your face. This results in acne and causes irritation and tightness on the skin.


  • Oily skin

         How to make your makeup last long

Excessive oil can result in smudging your makeup. Instead of reapplying makeup in the same areas and generating more oil in your skin, you need to bloat the excessive oil to make your makeup look smooth and non-cakey.


  • Using excessive products

         How to make your makeup last long

While applying makeup, you might be using so many products at one time which might smudge off at the end of the day or the event and makes all your efforts go waste!


  • Not using enough moisturizer

         How to make your makeup last long

If you directly apply makeup on your skin without moisturizing your skin properly, the results are a cakey makeup look. When our skin is well nourished it provides a smooth surface on the skin and prevents the opening of the pores. 


  • Using Old makeup

         How to make your makeup last long

As we all know, makeup products can be quite expensive and some people tend to use them even after their expiry dates which lead to skin issues and allergies. Old makeup products don’t provide the potential result on the skin and don’t make your skin smooth and soft.

How to make your makeup last long? 

Follow these simple tricks to make your skin glowing and smoother:

  1. Prepping your Skin

          how to make your makeup last long

One of the most essential steps for long-lasting makeup is prepping your skin which will exfoliate all the oil, bacteria and dead skin that appear on the surface of your skin and provides hydration. It is advisable to exfoliate your skin twice in a day to make your skin smooth and soft.


  1. Use a Primer

        how to make your makeup last long

Primer is an essential cosmetic required for long-lasting and smooth makeup. The primer will soften and make your skin smoother and shinier. Apply it all over your face, including the eyelids in the right quantity to have a potential result.


  1. Use the right foundation

         How to make your makeup last long

Apply an oil-free foundation on your face as oil-based foundation slips off your makeup from your skin. If you have dry skin, moisturize your skin before applying the oil-based foundation. It is advisable to use 24-hours wear foundations which make your makeup stay for long hours. 

  1. Use setting powder

         how to make your makeup last long

Applying setting powder on your makeup which will prevent your makeup from creasing and removes the appearance of firm lines from your face. Instead of putting your powder in small circles, try to tap your powder on the areas you wish to highlight and lock the creamy texture of concealers and foundation. 


  1. Create smaller layers

          How to make your makeup last long

While applying makeup on your face, try to create smaller layers for a smooth and natural look rather than applying heavy makeup on your face. Be patient and blend each layer well, before going on to the next step.


  1. Use of Primer on Eyelids

          How to make your makeup last long

Eyes are the most important part of your body. To make your eyes look even more stunning and beautiful you need the right kind of eye-makeup. If you want to use pretty eye-shadow shades on your eyelids, make sure you use primer on your eyelids to make your eyes look more glossy and natural.


  1. Waterproof Mascara and Eye-liner

          how to make your makeup last long

If you don’t want your eye-makeup to smudge, use waterproof mascara and eyeliner when giving a smokey effect to your eyes. Waterproof mascara and eyeliner tend to stay longer and will not melt under humid conditions. 


  1. Correct use of Lip-Products

          how to make your makeup last long

Before you apply any lipstick shade, use a lip-liner to give a proper shape to your lips. After applying the lipstick, apply some amount of translucent powder on your lips, wipe it with the help of tissue and then apply another lipstick until you get the desired shade.


Follow the above-mentioned steps to keep your makeup long-lasting and to brighten up your day with your glowing and shiny skin. Don’t forget to avoid touching your face throughout your day for a smudge-proof and flawless makeup look that makes many heads turn around!


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