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How to do makeup like professionals

There are so many makeup artists budding every month. The makeup industry has become the fastest flourishing industry ever since the fashion bloggers have started uploading their “how-to” videos on their gram profiles. The makeup industry today is over-flooded with budding and experienced makeup artists. This is the best earning profession of the year. 

Makeup is an art. Your face is your canvas and how you paint this canvas is the real skill of your art. There are many styles of makeup. From glam to subtle, from hot bombs to glittery eyes, from monotones to smokey eyes, winged eyeliner, glittery eyeliner, matte look, glossy look, cat-eyed makeup, and what not – the list of types of makeup are endless. Professional makeup artists are coming with new kinds of makeup and techniques now and then. 

Here is a step by step guide that will teach even a beginner to do makeup like a pro! Other than this, your favorite artist’s YouTube or Instagram page is all open to guide you through this art. 

Step 1– Prep up your face 

how to do makeup like professionals


Before applying any kind of product on your face, it's imperative to prep up your skin with the basics. CTM is a must to have a clean and clear base. Grab a hydrating crème that would dispel the dryness of your face. The next step is to apply a primer. Primer is applied to neutralize and hide open pores that can be seen on your face with bare eyes. Many girls have problematic skin where enlarged pores are visible. It is important to note that no makeup would look good unless the pores are hidden with a flawless base. Now grab an under-eye crème and apply evenly as this is also an essential part of makeup. 

Step 2 – Apply the base foundation

how to do makeup like professionals

Foundation is the most important product to begin your makeup with — you need to choose your base very wisely. Look for the appropriate foundation that matches your complexion. If you are not good at matching the foundation shade with your skin tone, watch tutorials on finding and selecting the right foundation. Foundation provides elegance to your entire face — this is the most essential element in your makeup routine. You need a foundation brush or a sponge to blend the foundation. Many times it is seen that makeup artists use their fingers to spread the foundation evenly — this entirely depends upon your ease of applying. 

A wrong foundation shade will tend to discolor or oxidize after a few hours. Opt for a matte and full coverage foundation from a professional makeup brand. Full coverage, as the name suggests, provides complete coverage of the base. It will not smudge, neither will wear off after some odd hours. If you’re a dry skin type, hydrate your face well enough before applying foundation. 

Step 3 – Concealing your dark spots

how to do makeup like professionals

Now, many women face skin issues such as pigmentation, dark circles, dark spots and acne spots and marks. Your foundation will not hide those marks — this is the biggest myth. The best way to conceal these spots is to use a color corrector/concealer. Use a color corrector under your eyes if you have dark circles or around your lip region if they are uneven. 

Different color correctors are used for different skin issues such as orange/peach color corrector is used to cure pigmentation, green is used for redness and acne, yellow is used for purple bruises or to hide veins. 

Step 4 – Contour, Blush and Highlighter

how to do makeup like professionals

Next comes the three main methods for enhancing your best features – Contouring, highlighting and blushing. Contouring helps to highlight your cheekbones and jawlines. A contour stick in a dark shade is used to contour your jawline and cheekbone area. Try checking out a tutorial on how to find and select a contour shade. Next, you have to use a highlighter. This is a shimmery pigment that is used to highlight the cheekbone, brow bone, chin and your cupid’s bow. A highlighter enhances all the high points of your face. 

At the same time, you have to apply blusher to the apples of your cheek. A creamy blusher or a powder blush would do justice to the look you created. There is no order or sequence of highlighting, blushing and contouring. This completely depends upon the makeup artist. 

Step 5 – Eye make up

how to do makeup like professionals

Prep up your eyes with eye base/primer. This should be done before applying the eye shadow. The eye base is built so as to create a perfect and neat look. With a flawless eye base, your eyeshadow won't smudge or crease. Using a blending brush, blend the eyeshadow neatly and slowly. Don’t rush as smudging the eye shadow will ruin your look. A Simple eye shadow or cut crease or half cut crease— it is all your choice. 

Now grab hold of an eyeliner brush to apply eyeliner perfectly. The color of eyeliner depends on your dress. Lastly, you need to fill the gaps in your brows. If you have thick and black brows, there is no need to fill your brows. 

Step 6 – Wear your Lipstick

how to do makeup like professionals

The last and the most important step of your makeup. You can do without some blush or eyeliner or kajal but your look is incomplete without the perfect lip color. Again, you have to choose between a nude lip or a bright colored lip. This also depends on the dress you wear. The current obsession is nude lips with a bright dress and vice versa. You also get to pick the texture of your lip shade— matte, creamy or metallic.


How to do makeup like professionals

Finally use a setting spray from a good brand to seal your makeup with some good amount of shine, gloss and hydration. That’s it, now you are all set to show off your professional makeup look!

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