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5 Trending Chic Looks Of The Season


Are you looking for a change? Do you want to keep your makeup updated with the latest trends of the season? As we all know that, every season comes with a different style statement and it inspires you to look stylish and please the crowd with your art. It also inspires all makeup lovers to unravel their taste with new products hitting the stores and markets with the arrival of the new season. The style statement of each season offers a unique blend of classic feel added to the western world, and that is what every makeup junkie is always looking forward to!

Why is it necessary to follow the latest makeup trends?

Every season, the fashion industry across the world tries to bring change in the existing makeup style so that the customers are able to spot the coolest look of the year starting from the smokey eyes to nude lips. Choosing the perfect lip shade, the right tone of highlighter and the correct color correction for your skin condition is the biggest challenge but with the arrival of new brands and fashion statements on the streets, everything becomes easy as it not only offers an alluring style but also the right inspiration to follow your love for makeup and latest fashion trends.

How do makeup trends change with every season?

As we know, Summer is known as the season of warmth and brightness which brings with it feisty and sporty colors, unique eye looks, and subtle lip shades to complement the pleasant weather. Wearing nude lip shades and bright colored blush always makes up your day during the Summer season. Carry your makeup look with subtle highlighting on your best features to complete your look. 

Celebrating your beauty with a bright shade of blush such as orange, pink, peach, etc. on the cheeks is the latest trend of the summer season that makes your look elegant and graceful. Adorn your bright makeup look with the floral prints on your outfit for the perfect Summer season look. 

But now, as Winter is around the corner and the pandemic coronavirus has confined everyone to their house leading to various brands shutting down their business and resulting in the halt of the latest winter style statement, we surely feel stuck! As we all have heard the very famous quote, “Life goes on,” the fashion industry is adhering to the same by posting the lockdown looks on their social media platforms for the customers and encouraging them to showoff pretty makeup looks that can raise their spirits immensely. Many brands have released plenty of fresh looks on their digital portals — from the bright colored eye makeup looks to the combination of the neutral tones, for welcoming the winter of 2020.

Here, is the list of top 5 trending chic looks of the season:

  1. Multi-Colored Eye Makeup

         5 trending chic looks of the season

While the dense lashed and neutral eye palette remains trendy throughout the season, the upcoming season you must try out multiple colors of liners and eyeshadows to give a vibrant vibe to your neutral outfit for the season. Complement your look with different eyeliner or eyeshadow shades that will make your eyes pop!


  1. Lip Stain

          5 trending chic looks of the season

Add a subtle look to your personality with a soft shade obtained by a lip stain. Nourished and creamy lips are always in trend and complement every outfit, no matter what the season. However, to turn your soft and subtle lips into a style statement, use a bare shade of lip stain and get that natural look and let the people wonder your secret for getting such moisturized lips.


  1. Rosy Glow

         5 trending makeup looks

Your look can’t be complete without a fresh flow of glow on your face. A silky and warm feel is what makes you look like a natural beauty along while making you look stylish and elegant for every event. You can use a rose gold highlighter or a glittery pink blush for the same.


  1. Graphic Liners

          5 trending chic looks of the season

Unraveling different styles of eyeliner looks is what we know as the latest trend of the season. Wearing your eyeliner in different ways will definitely make you look super chic and stylish. Whether it is the crisp cat-eye look or the long wings, keep the drama coming in!


  1. Dewy Skin

          5 trending chic looks of the season

Without a doubt, natural and luscious looking skin is so ‘in’ this season! You can easily skip the bronzer and the highlighter if your skin is shining bright like a diamond. To follow this trend, you can apply a glossy serum while prepping your skin for makeup or mix some liquid highlighter in your foundation.

Brighten up your day with the above-mentioned trending style of the season and flaunt your fashion sense which makes you different from the crowd. If you are not prepared for the upcoming season, drop everything and go shop these latest trends for keeping up with the chic style statements of the season. No matter what the season, never let your style game suffer!


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