5 Beauty Hacks to keep your skin smooth

by Deeksha anand on October 16, 2020

Are you worried about the problems of dry skin, acne, pimples, cracks, wrinkles that reduce the glow and beauty of your skin? Are you concerned with the dullness and tightness of your skin? Do you want to make your skin look healthy and smooth? Is aging affecting your skin harshly? 


These are some of the common questions which concern every woman. “Healthy and beautiful skin is something that we all look for” Without a proper skincare routine and a healthy diet, the skin can lead to looking dry and dull. Especially during the cold season, you need to take extra care of your skin to make it look healthy and shiny as in cold the sebaceous glands produce a lesser amount of oils, and without the protective layer, it becomes difficult to balance the moisture level of your skin. 


Due to this, the skin looks red and appears to be tight. The factor of aging causes dark circles, wrinkles and puffiness to appear under the region of the eye area which fades away the beauty of the skin. The acne and pimples on the skin cause irritation, redness and reduce the shine of the skin.


Factors leading to skincare problems

  • Acne


5 makeup hacks to keep your skin smooth


One of the most common skin problems among teenagers is Acne which appears on the face, forehead, chest, shoulders and upper back due to the presence of sebaceous glands which leads to the tightness of the skin.


  • Large Pores


5 makeup hacks to keep your skin smooth


Large Pores appear on the skin when moisturizing oils are released on the skin surface leading to the irritation and the dryness of the skin.


  • Dry Skin


5 makeup to keep your skin smooth
Dry Skin is caused due to the lack of water levels in your body which leads to bleeding, itchiness and deep cracks on your skin.


  • Exposure to Pollution


5 beauty makeup hacks to keep your skin smooth

The area under the eye region is delicate and soft. With a busy lifestyle and regular exposure to pollution, your skin texture might lose its elasticity and hence show the blood vessels under your skin more promptly. This causes the appearance of dark circles under your eyes.


  • Pigmentation


5 makeup beauty hacks to keep your skin smooth


Dark Spots pop up on the skin due to the direct radiations of the ultraviolet rays caused by the sun leading to the dark brown patches on the exposed skin such as face, neck and hands.


  • Lack of sleep


5 beauty hacks to keep your skin smooth


Sleep deprivation is another major factor that makes your skin look dull and pale, allowing the tissues and blood vessels under your skin to weaken. It also gives rise to wrinkles and puffiness beneath your eye area. 


  • Harsh Chemicals


5 beauty hacks to keep your skin smooth


Unwanted growth of Hair is another major skin problem that leads to the use of harsh chemical treatments which reduces the glow and beauty of the skin.


  • Aging


5 beauty hacks to keep your skin smooth


Age is a common factor of human life and as you get old, your skin becomes thinner and you lose the fat and collagen needed to maintain the skin elasticity, due to which the skin beneath your eye area becomes more visible causing the area below your skin to darken.

To protect your skin from all kinds of the problems mentioned above, a good skincare routine is needed that starts with a good quality of products that will nourish your skin and make it soft and smooth. 

Follow these simple beauty tips to keep your skin smooth and beautiful:

  • Moisturize

         5 beauty hacks to keep your skin smooth

To protect your skin from dryness, apply a suitable moisturizing cream according to your skin tone in the correct manner to make your skin smooth and shiny. While bathing, use warm water with natural soaps that have oils and fats required to revive the moisture content in your skin.


  • Use a toner

         5 beauty hacks to keep your skin smooth

Use a Toner on the skin to restore the natural appearance of the skin and to prevent acne and pimples on the skin’s surface. Cleanse your face twice to remove the dirt, sweat and oil. Along with that, add a healthy diet to your daily routine to keep your skin fresh and smooth.


  • Do not forget SPF

          5 beauty makeup hacks to keep your skin smooth

Apply sunscreen before exposing your skin to the sun and drink lots of coconut water that retain the levels of moisture in your body and keeps your skin healthy and soft. Keep your skin hydrated and apply sunscreen before going out of the house. This will also remove the large pores on the skin. 


  • Less sugar, more natural

          5 beauty hacks to keep your skin smooth

Avoid the intake of sugar which will help you to lessen the wrinkles and dark circles beneath the region of the eye area. You can also apply the green tea bag boiled in the water for a few minutes to remove dark patches or dark spots from your skin.


  • Proper cleansing

          5 beauty hacks to keep your skin smooth

Clean your face with water regularly and apply a clay mask on your face in regular periods to prevent the large pores. Remember to clean your face every 2-3 hours to avoid dust getting trapped in your skin.

Apart from the above-mentioned points, don’t sleep with the heavy makeup as cosmetics can destroy your natural skin tone and texture. Lastly, just keep smiling and let the inner glow do its part! 


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