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Quick Makeup Guide Post Lockdown Wedding

Quick Makeup Guide Post Lockdown Wedding

In this year 2020, the entire world came under the clutches of CoronaVirus, also known as COVID 19 which is one of the largest pandemics the world has witnessed so far! With the increasing number of cases and the death rate in India, Prime Minister Narendra Singh Modi announced a lockdown in the first quarter of the year. Sadly, this brought a pause to many events, especially weddings.


The pandemic coronavirus disrupted the entire economy of the nation and influenced a lot of things in society. But as things have kickstarted once again, we again see a smile on the faces of those brides who had to postpone the wedding date.


However, even after the lockdown has been uplifted, there are many precautions to be taken care of by the bride, groom and their families. The weddings post lockdown have been kept as a private function held for the shortest period of time. The use of sanitizers, masks, and fewer guests is certain norms prescribed for lockdown weddings. 


Having a wedding with masks and proper restrictions can never be your dream wedding but the lockdown can’t halt the dreams of the brides as it is their big day. It is time for the brides to look after their skin personally and to plan out their day until the big day arrives. They can pamper their skin with home remedies to get the natural look on their face and which is perfect for the various functions.


If you’re invited to a lockdown wedding and you are worried about your skin as many salons and parlors are still shut, then you need to stop worrying! Many brands are interacting with their customers through digital platforms, posting useful videos regarding their skincare products, tips of practicing makeup at home and launching new products for their customers. 


 If you want to have the fresh and glowing skin, then follow these simple makeup tips to rock the post lockdown wedding look:


  • Base Makeup:

          Quick Makeup Guide Post Lockdown Wedding

Prepare a simple base before you apply makeup on your face for flawless-looking skin. Use BB cream instead of foundation to avoid the melting of makeup in the heat but if you still want to use foundation, mix your foundation with the primer and concealer to prepare the base makeup on your face. After applying this mixture, use some setting powder so that your makeup doesn’t get cracks or smashed while you attend the wedding. Avoid the use of heavy and loud makeup to save your skin from dullness and avoid a cakey look.


  • Natural Contour:

          Quick makeup guide post lockdown wedding

After the base, the next step is to apply bronzer to restore the natural contour during the daylight wedding. Make 3 dots on both the edges of your face and if you want, you can even mix the highlighter by applying it well on the areas of the forehead, cheekbones, under the brow and on the chin. Blend in a little amount with the blusher to keep your makeup intact for the entire day and to have stunning pictures not only outdoors but indoors as well.


  • Eye-makeup:

          Quick Makeup Guide Post Lockdown Wedding

The third step is to make your eyes beautiful and stunning for the day by doing the right kind of eye-makeup. If you want to have smokey eyes, then apply the medium shade in the right quantity on your eyes lid and use the darker shade at the outer corner of your eyes. On the crease, choose the lighter shade and blend it well with the medium shade. Use the highlighter to give the finishing look to your eyes and apply the eye-liner and mascara on your eyebrows to give it a look of smokiness and smoggy. You can even use shimmer to sparkle up your eyes and you should always use matte or semi-matte textures to illuminate your eyes for better photography.


  • Long-Lasting Lipstick:

          Post wedding Makeup look


After you are done with your eyes, the next step is to make your lips shinier and glossier. Avoid the use of lip gloss, instead use a matte-finish lipstick which matches your outfit and to carry it with confidence for the entire day without the fear of losing the pigment. You can use the lip pencil or liner to give the proper outline to your lips. Use the touch of highlighter to give your lips a healthy shine for the day.


  • Finishing Look:

          Post wedding lockdown

Once you are done with the above-mentioned steps, It’s time to complete your makeup with the most important step of your makeup, which is applying the matte-finish setting spray so that your makeup doesn’t get smashed or fades away the glamour and beauty of your skin. It is advisable to use a setting spray, especially if you are having a day wedding to avoid the melting of the makeup due to the Sun’s rays.


Apart from the above mentioned points, we also recommend you to use professional makeup as it is the most apt choice when it comes to facing the camera. Your post lockdown wedding might not be as grand as you dreamt it to be, but at least you will have memories of a beauty look and even more beautiful pictures with bae!


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