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How To Get The Perfect Look For Your Next Video Call

The year 2020 will always be infamous for the Pandemic that it has unleashed upon Mankind. With the Virus gaining its grip across the world, our mobile steadfast lives have to come to a halt. Most businesses, interviews, meetings and conferences are now being conducted and administered via video calls. 


Therefore, what becomes significant is to have the proper look to give off the vibe of being professional and crisp, because let us admit, Work From Home is definitely an entirely different experience. Hence, we don’t want to look shabby while delivering that important presentation. A sharp and crisp look will not just make us look professional but also uplift our mood and that will definitely reflect in our work.


Therefore, the look which we are discussing today is suitable for all kinds of formal occasions. The fresh, nude minimal look, will give a subtle and professional feel. How to get this look? Worry not, we have got you covered.


How to Get the Look?

  1. Cleansing

    How to be ready for video call

First, start with washing your face to remove all the impurities and dirt accumulated. The ULTRA HD CLEANSING. TONER. MOISTURIZER FACE WASH is a 3-in1 face wash built with a special formula to provide all the three steps super essential for skin care in just one go. The apple extracts in it have anti-aging properties ensuring youthfulness. 


  1. Prep

         How to get the perfect look for your next video call

Once the cleansing is over, it is time to apply the Primer, as the Primer prepares skin like that of canvas for a good base makeup to last. The ULTRA HD PORELESS MATT PRIMER not only prepares the skin for the base makeup but also covers all kinds of pores. 


  1. Base

         How to get the perfect video call look

After the Primer is set, now we proceed to do the base. First, we use the concealer, Basic Kit Concealer, a palette comprising 6 shades to conceal all the dark circles, pores, marks and lines and give that seamless smooth texture. Following this, we use Foundation, ULTRA HD PERFECT FOUNDATION, a liquid-based foundation available in 8 shades to create a seamless base. Combine it with the GALACTIC GLOW SKIN GLOSS, a serum first of its kind which can be used with makeup application, for that ‘glow up’ and luminous effect. We complete the base make up by using C2P PRO ALL DAY IDEAL STAY MATTE FINISH & FIX Pressed Powder, to make the base sweat resistant.


  1. Blush

         How to get the perfect makeup look for your next video look

Once our base is almost ready, we go to blush to accentuate the ‘glow’. C2P BASIC KIT BLUSHER contains 8 diverse shades of different colors including pink, orange, and different nude shades make it a go-to blush kit for all sorts of occasions. Since a crisp look is required for Professional Meetings, you can go for a light pink or orange shade, depending on the skin tone in order to define the cheeks.


  1. Eyes

          How to get the perfect look for your next video call

Next, we move to the eyes. Since we are going for a fresh nude look, we will be resorting to something fresh, cool and subtle. For this we get the C2P METAL & MATTE  PALETTE, coming in 18 mesmerizing shades, we use the brown shade and gently apply it on our eyelids to provide that natural glam look. To finish off with our eye makeup look, we will now go for the eyeliner. The C2P COLOUR EYELINER which comes in 8 shades again, is the perfect pick for this. Because it’s a nude makeup look, we will be sticking to the shades of BLACK 01 and COPPER 08.  For this look, we will stick to a simple lining, and not something dramatic like that of winged liner. 


  1. Lips

         How to get the perfect look for your next video call

To finish off this look we now move onto our lips, use the C2P ULTRA HD LIP STAIN again in 22 different shades, ranging from pink, orange, brown, and red. The shea butter and castor oil in its formula provide for soft supple lips  For the nude glam look, opt for something which is subtle-maybe a pink with a tint of brown or a nude lipstick. 


  1. Set it up

          How to get perfect look for your next video call

Finally, to complete this professional formal makeup look with a Setting Spray ULTRA HD MAKEUP SETTING MIST & FIX, for the look to be long-lasting. 


The Final Look

How to get perfect look for your next video call

And voila, with this we have the perfect look which is very natural, and minimal yet offers a very fresh and shiny look. This Look is well suited for any kind of formal events-meetings, workshops, conferences, webinars and even for informal events like that friends’ virtual meet-up or for a date with your significant other. 


Last but not the least, to have the amazing video call experience, make sure you check with the other requisites-a good lighting, proper angle for your phone/laptop and most importantly be comfortable and confident in order to be the best version of yourself and have the best experience.


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