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10 Benefits Of Cruelty Free Products

Animal testing is still a problem. According to Cruelty-Free International, over 115 million animals are being used for animal testing worldwide every year. While some brands remain cruelty-free many others have decided to start testing on animals by entering the Chinese market. Companies cannot test on animals in any way. There are better alternatives to animal testing and brands can freely choose to not sell in China. Many companies have stayed out of such markets to maintain their cruelty-free status.

Choosing cruelty-free products is one of the best ways to say no to animal testing. Committing to shop cruelty-free can help the environment in many ways. Here are some of the benefits of cruelty-free products.


  • These products use fewer chemicals


Cruelty free animals



The chemicals used in products tested on animals are harmful not only to those who apply them on their skins but also to the planet. These chemicals don’t necessarily belong on our skins. Instead, you should opt for natural ingredients that are a better all-around choice for humans, animals and the planet.

  • It makes it easier to go green


10 cruelty free products

Companies that are committed to creating cruelty-free products re those which utilize natural and more sustainable ingredients and materials. From their main product to their product packaging, they are using materials which are greener and friendly, making them a better choice for human and planet health.

  • Cruelty-free saves animals


cruelty free

Cruelty-free products are here to put a halt to the saddening problem of animal testing. There is virtually no reason for animal testing but major companies like Maybelline and Avon continue to conduct these harsh tests on animals. Cruelty-free products make use of the 40 tests that have been made to test products without involving animals. These companies use chemicals and ingredients which are already declared safe.

  • Purchases help give back


Cruelty free products


Giving back to an organization that supports solid causes and missions is a great way to do something that will leave an impact on the planet and motivate the organization. Cruelty-free companies have a vested interest in issues plaguing the planet, like animal species extinction, global warming. For such reasons, they have a partnership with organizations and pledge to donate money which every purchase they receive to these noble causes.

  • It makes for better citizens of the world


Cruelty free products

A survey found the factor of products being not tested on animals was the most important packaging claim for those who were surveyed, about half of the respondents cited it as very or moderately important. The emphasis on such a factor while shopping for makeup and skincare products means that cruelty-free shoppers are becoming better citizens of the world.

  • It makes for happier people


Cruelty free products

Buying cruelty-free products make people feel good, knowing they are supporting the rights of animals as well as helping the planet. Do something good for the planet and its lovely creature by switching to cruelty-free products .you have the power to make a difference and using power will make you feel happy.

  • The product helps spread the word


Cruelty free products

Companies that promote cruelty-free products are passionate about what they do and they aren’t afraid to spread the word about the importance of buying these types of products. The movement towards a cruelty-free world can be inspired by spreading awareness about the risk involved with the products that use animal testing.

  • It is budget-friendly


Cruelty free products

Many cruelty-free brands are budget-friendly. For makeup products check brands like E.L.F., BH Cosmetics, or Milani. For skincare check-out Pacifica.

  • Reduces waste


Choosing cruelty-free is a nice excuse to give more thoughts to your purchases and have more of a minimalistic approach. By only buying the items you need you can minimize waste and do your little part in being conscious and less wasteful of your resources.

  •  Great for your wallet


Cruelty free products


Besides reducing waste, another benefit of being more mindful about your purchase is that you will save money. While buying cruelty-free products, no doubts, you will have fewer choices. And this can be a good thing if you are aiming to save money.

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