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Best Professional Makeup Products in India

Makeup is definitely every girl’s best friend, but only the best quality products can do justice to the face. Thus, it is recommended only to use the best professional makeup products in India. Today, we are going to list some of them below so that you can achieve the best makeup look wherever you go! Attending a night party or a Sunday brunch — make all heads turn around with your stunning makeup.


Today, we will start with a basic kit — the makeup products that every girl should own for daily use. These basic professional products can be your best friend whether you are attending a wedding or just another meeting in the office. Carry them in your vanity or simply decorate your dressing table with them — whatever it is, you know they have got your back!


1. Matte Primer


best professional makeup products in India



An HD matte primer is everything you will need for a flawless and smooth look. Using a primer before makeup is a must for a long-lasting and beautiful shine on your face. The C2P Pro Ultra HD Poreless Matt Primer makes sure that your skin is able to handle the tons of foundation and concealer that comes up its way and reflects a poreless look on the face.


2. Liquid Foundation


Best professional makeup products in India


A liquid-based foundation is what every girl’s need for an all-weather and stunning look. For a professional look, you need a foundation with weightless, swim-proof, blendable and velvety soft texture. C2P Pro Ultra HD Perfect Foundation is just that! Available in a number of shades, it is everything from silky smooth to well pigmented and super blendable.


3. Basic Blush Kit


Best professional makeup products in India

A flush of blood should always be visible on the cheeks and that is exactly what a blush kit helps with. A palette with a pink, red, peach, and a shimmery shade for the cheeks is a must-have. Get that glow with just one swipe of brush with the C2P Pro Basic Kit Blusher which has a mix of shades for everyday and party look.


4. Concealer


Best professional makeup products in India


A foundation and blusher will not be able to do justice on uneven skin tone and blemishes or marks, this is why you need a concealer. The C2P Pro- Pro Concealer is available in all shades that you will be needing for each of your concerns. With a creamy formula and high coverage formula, say goodbye to all darks spots, scars, and imperfections.


5. Pressed Powder


Best professional makeup products in India


After a thick layer of foundation and concealer, there is an absolute need for pressed powder to fix and settle the makeup. The C2P Pro All Day Ideal Stay Matte Finish & Fix will provide you the much-needed sweat resistant layer with a velvety and smooth texture. Get a smooth finishing for up to 24 hours and let the radiant glow shine through you the entire day and night.


6. Basic Eyeshadow Palette


Best professional makeup products in India

A basic eyeshadow palette with a mix of nude and dark shades is what is required by all. Go simple or go glam with the C2P Pro Basic Kit Eyes! The easy to blend formula lasts up to 24 hours and is suitable for both day look and evening look. The 8 varied shades in the palette glide effortlessly on the skin with minimum fall out.


7. Eyeliner


Best Professional Makeup products in India



No look can be complete without expressive eyes. That is all that an eyeliner provides. Do not limit yourself to the typical black eyeliner and try out the professional eyeliner range with the C2P Pro Colour Eyeliner.  A number of smudge-proof, waterproof, and nontransferable shades that can change the entire look of your face.


8. Matte Lipstick


Best Professional Makeup Products in India


It’s the 21st century and it is definitely mandatory to put on your HD matte lipstick before stepping out. With a number of shades, C2P Pro has launched Ultra HD Matte Lipstick that gives an intense pigmentation for the entire day. Nourished with shea butter and cocoa butter — this lipstick formula is going to win your heart with its professional look.


9. Setting Spray


Best Professional Makeup Products in India


The professional makeup look cannot be completed without a setting spray. So dig in the best professional setting spray by — the Ultra HD Makeup Setting Mist & Fix and achieve that mattifying and gentle look. The cracks, lines, and folds — everything will vanish with just one spray.


The above-mentioned list of professional makeup products is all you need for a beautiful and complete makeup look. No more visits to the salon when you have your personal makeup salon. These products promise no dripping and creaking and you can easily get a flawless look to impress everyone around you.


So are you ready to glow with these high-shine products?

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