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Makeup Or Beauty Mistakes That You Used To Make

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Are you frustrated that your makeup is not looking as flawless as the YouTube tutorial? Looking for the perfect fix and want to make changes in your makeup routine? If your answer is "yes,” then keep scrolling.

Makeup boosts your confidence level and enhances your entire look. Correct makeup techniques not only highlight your facial features but also makes you look younger and flawless. People struggle to find the right products that suit their skin type. Some don't even know the proper application of makeup products.

This happens because of the lack of knowledge about makeup. Here, we are going to make some serious changes in your makeup routine which will help you to give a flawless look in the end.

9 Common Makeup Mistakes With The Best Solution

We all make mistakes while learning something new, and sometimes we make the same mistake again and again. A little change in your makeup routine can make a big difference. Here are some common mistakes made by people with their solution:

Using the wrong cleanser

Makeup beauty mistakes that you used to make

After cleaning your face with a cleanser, you might feel squeaky apart from feeling clean and glowing. That means you are over-drying your face by removing natural oil from the skin. Foaming cleansers are good for people with oily skin as they control oil, but this does not apply to every skin type. People with dry skin should avoid using foaming cleansers because it makes the skin extra dry and results in premature aging. People with normal or combination skin can handle a little bit of lather while cleansing.

​Using a dirty makeup brush  

beauty mistakes that you used to make

Dirty makeup brushes are full of bacteria that can cause acne, irritation, breakout, and skin infection. Bacteria can clog your pores and make your skin look dull and weak. The old and worn-out makeup brushes will not give you satisfactory application, and that's why it is important to clean your makeup brushes properly.

Over exfoliation 

beauty mistakes that you used to make

Proper exfoliation helps in blood circulation, makes you look younger and glowing, But over-exfoliation can harm your skin. Too much exfoliation can be the reason for losing natural oil, acne, and redness. Try to use a scrub and wash with a gel-based beauty product instead of using a chemical peel-off mask and exfoliant. Avoid using face scrubs, which are made of crushed shells and seeds. Do not forget to always moisturize your face after exfoliation.

Falling asleep with makeup on 

beauty mistakes that you used to make

Sleeping with makeup can cause damage to your beautiful skin. It is important to prep and cleanse your skin before sleeping. It can be the reason for clog pores, dryness, breakouts, natural shedding, dullness, coarse complexion, aging, eyelash follicles, eye infection, burning, irritation, etc.

Wrong shade of foundation 

beauty mistakes that you used to make


Most women face problems finding the right shade of foundation as it is one of the most challenging tasks. Foundation eliminates discoloration and hides blemishes, acne, shadow, pigmentation, and redness. People with warm skin tones can go for a foundation with yellow undertones, and the ones with cold tones people can use cinnamon or ivory shade. You can always test the foundation before purchasing to see if it matches your skin tone— the best way is to apply it on your neck.

Not blending foundation on the neck

beauty mistakes that you used to make


If you don't blend your foundation properly or forget to blend it below your jawline, your neck will not match your face. It will give an unnatural rookie look. Run your hand on the neck, even if your foundation exactly matches your skin tone. It will not take much time and the task gets easier with a beauty blender or a foundation brush. Don't forget to use the foundation on your ears as well.

Using the wrong color corrector

beauty mistakes that you used to make

Concealer covers the flaws in your skin, but it doesn't mean you can apply any concealer on your face. It is advised not to use the same concealer for everything. Many colored corrected are available in the market such as peach, orange, purple, green and yellow. Peach and Orange concealers are used for dark circles and pigmentation. Green concealers are for redness, pimples, acne, and scars. Yellow concealers are to even the skin tone to give perfection to the base.

Incorrect shaping of eyebrows

beauty mistakes that you used to make

Eyebrows not only give a sharp and bold look to your eye but enhance the whole makeup. Well, matching both eyebrows is not a simple task. Use an angled brush to give a sharp look to your eye instead of a pencil. Fill your eyebrows with a light hand with the correct shade. Filling eyebrows with a darker color might you streaky color.

​Applying blush on the wrong area 

beauty mistakes that you used to make

Use a small amount of blush and tap to remove excess product. Remember, don't apply the blush in the middle of your checks. Use on the apple of the cheeks and blend it well. It is important to use blush in the right area so your face structure remains secure. Try to use a small amount at first and build it well if it is not enough.


Everyone wants flawless makeup to look their best. It makes them look beautiful, younger, and confident, but we do wish to achieve a makeup look without mistakes. Now, we clearly know what mistakes we are making. Follow the above mentioned points to achieve a flawless and effortless makeup look. Get ready to shine!

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Agni Bhavani K
Agni Bhavani K


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